The beginning


The idea of a club which later metamorphosed into what is today known as CLUB SEVENTIES EPE was born by a group of adolescent boys of secondary school age in the late 80s. The Club is what the Yoruba people would call “Oredegbe” because the initiators are childhood friends who passionately wish to sustain the friendship for the period of their existence.

Early in 2003, some of our peer groups who were among the millennium officers known in Epe as “Alausa Caucus” had started informal meetings reminiscing the past and willing to bring all old friends back together in one uniting fold. They thus decided to bring this dream to reality during the 2003 Ileya holidays with the belief that everyone will be around.

On Monday 29th December 2003, Ileya festival day, the duo of Edu Faisu and Sanuth Ibrahim took it upon themselves to physically visit identified peer groups asking them to attend a meeting the next day at Mallam Edu house along Owode Street, Epe.

Thus, it came to pass. The first ever meeting and birth of Club Seventies Epe took place on Tuesday 30th December 2003 and in attendance are the following:

  1. Edu Faisu Adebayo
  2. Sanuth Ibrahim Adesegun
  3. Kadri Shamsideen Olaitan
  4. Hassan Adelaja Nojeem
  5. Otun Olanrewaju Jamiu
  6. Kadri Sulaimon Oladele (Sukad)
  7. Oladipupo Azeez
  8. Olusesi Sanni
  9. Ahmed Morufu
  10. Ayedun Olawale
  11. Late Eleshin Karamo (RIP)

However, some of the listed people did not believe in this movement and they never come back again after the maiden meeting. The name 70s initially suggests the period the constituents of the club were born i.e. a club comprising of men born from 1970 – 1979.

As time goes on However, in the bid to further expand the membership in order to accommodate the upcoming ones and to foster continuity even when the so-called 70s get old, the 70s now connote the total membership projection as the club has now accommodated others not born in the 70s’.

The primary goal of the club is to bring positive developments to Epe administrative division as a whole hence membership has been designed to cut across all the communities in Epe division.

At inception, it was not easy running the club when almost all of us were bachelors and only few were gainfully employed. Presently, membership strength is almost 40 with about 6 in diaspora but are actively participating in club activities even while abroad and always join the club whenever they are in Nigeria.

The Constitution of the Club which came into force in 2004 and as amended in 2007 and recently in 2017 have all the aims and objectives of the club.

Members are addressed with a prefix DM which means “Distinguished Member” while the President only is given the title MD which means “Most Distinguished”.

The name of the Club was changed from the initial Epe Club 70s’ to Club Seventies Epe in the process of registering the Club under the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2020.