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Membership is open to all male individuals of good virtue irrespective of his religion, ethnic affinity, place of birth, social or economic status

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Become a Member

To register as a new member of Club 70s' Epe, you must fill a form online and submit it to the required authorities

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Registered under the Epe Local Government Area Council and the Corporate Affairs Commision


About Club 70s' Epe

Epe Club 70s is a Social Organisation established on Tuesday 30th December 2003 by a group of progressive youths of Epe Division born in the 70s whose primary goal is to bring positive developments to Epe division as a whole.

The Motto of the club shall be “Unitế Pour Develement Positivế” (Uniting for Positive Development).

Years in Existence

Epe Club 70s’ is a club formed to promote general goodness and enhance positive development in the entire Epe administrative division among other laudable programmes and endeavours. In this vein, the following are our aims and objectives:

Based on principles of unity, friendship, equality and social justice.
Provide moral, financial and human assistance to members and the less privileged.
Protect any lawful endeavor of the entire members through legal means.
Bringing together positive minded individuals to enhance development.
Promoting a balanced socioeconomic developments.
Promote and develop social, educational and economic programmes.
Imbibing good values/virtues in the younger ones by displaying good values/virtues
Maintaining friendly relations with similar clubs.


The club always has scheduled meetings to be attended by all members .